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The overall reliability process is comprised of many interacting elements as shown in the diagram. For example, without effective planning, scheduling is doomed to inefficiencies at best or ineffectiveness at worst. This is true for all aspects of the overall process. Understanding these interactions and managing them effectively is the key to overall reliability and operating a successful condition-based monitoring program.

ITR’s primary goal is to help its partners (customers) continually improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of their maintenance and reliability process. ITR helps customers successfully manage how resources and controls convert materials and information into measurable deliverables. In the world of reliability, the deliverables are (in general terms):

  • High energy efficiencies
  • Safe working environments
  • Minimal inventory holding costs (spare parts just-in-time)
  • Targeted, data-driven preventive maintenance
  • Full asset utilization (maximize uptime and minimize unnecessary redundancy)

Companies partner with ITR to dramatically improve their PdM and reliability efforts for two primary reasons: (1) lack of resources and (2) shared expertise.  Lack of resources extends beyond just collecting and analyzing data; it also includes the planning, scheduling and data management efforts necessary for an effective process over time. Shared expertise means partners use ITR's knowledge by industry to drive reliability process improvement while avoiding many of the mistakes made by companies working on their own.  Through flexible partnerships, ITR provides partners with the advice and augmented resources necessary for their processes to fulfill their measurable objectives.

Process Steps ITR Consulting and Support Services
Planning Developing / improving a reliability program
Developing a PdM/condition-based monitoring program
Assessing asset failure modes (including using FMECA)
Scheduling Integrating PdM scheduling with PM scheduling
Collecting Data Implementing route-based data collection processes
Implementing / installing dedicated condition monitoring systems
Analyzing data Targeted machine / system studies: vibration analysis
Targeted machine / system studies: IR thermography
Targeted machine / system studies: motor testing
Reporting and Data Management Implementing DataManager
Integrating PdM as Continual Improvement
Invoking Preventive and Corrective Action Analyzing failures and identifying root causes
Implementing PdM as continual improvement

Some characteristics of ITR reliability consulting and support worth considering:

  • All ITR consultants are former maintenance managers or maintenance professionals
  • Average consultant maintenance experience: 15+ years
  • Process focused consulting and support mean focus on measurable objectives
  • Industry-leading hardware and software design and development correlate to flexible solutions
  • ITR implements customer solutions for customer processes, ITR does NOT implement customer solutions for ITR processes
  • Our goal is your goal: “Peace of Mind” through return on assets

Please send your objectives and ITR will provide a value-based quotation. In some instances, our consulting services are provided at no additional charge for existing ITR partners.

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