Team with a proven and flexible industry leader with aligned objectives.
See how ITR remains in the forefront of vibration analysis technology.

Industry 4.0

Learn from ITR what other world class manufacturers already know.

Predict to Prevent

World-class organizations use predictive technologies to prevent potential and actual failure modes before they adversely affect operations.


Use the right tool at the right time,
from an ever-expanding toolbox

Predictive Maintenance

Apply a process approach to asset diagnostics, prognostics and preventive action

Asset Analytics

Leverage technology to turn meaningless
data into actionable information

Research Drives Industry Leading Technology

World-class organizations use Industrial Technology Research or ITR’s predictive technologies to perform condition-based maintenance to prevent potential and actual failure modes before they adversely affect operations. ITR’s Predict to Prevent services help organizations worldwide improve uptime, safety, product quality, and energy efficiency.

How does it work?

By periodically or continiously monitoring critical assets using predictive technologies, performing expert waveform analysis, and reporting timely, accurate, and precise information, ITR experts help maintenance and reliability professionals better plan their maintenance activities. In a world of ever decreasing resources, having the right information at the right time can make the difference between a maintenance team that fails and one that sets the industry standard.

Proprietary Technology

Our technology is designed, developed and implemented by our PdM experts. Our unique technology offers solutions no others can provide.


Many of our customers are 20 and 30 years partnerships. Our platforms, our services are designed for immediate impact and long term partnership.

Research & Development

Nearly 40% of revenue is directed to R&D to ensure we stay atop the technology curve and offer the most advanced technology the industry has to offer.

Industries we serve

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