Team with a proven and flexible industry leader with aligned objectives


Use the right tool at the right time, from an ever-expanding toolbox

Predictive Maintenance

Apply a process approach to asset diagnostics, prognostics and preventive action

Asset Analytics

Leverage technology to turn meaningless
data into actionable information

ITR is the PdM industry’s most accomplished company, with over 35 years of experience. We know what works, what does not, and how to tackle the most complex assets regardless of their environment. ITR focuses on improving return on assets through the integration of all major PdM technologies. While partnering with some of the largest and most recognizable companies around the world, we remain one of the few PdM providers maintaining independence and a strict commitment to uncompromising service.

Proprietary Technology

Our technology is designed, developed and implemented by our PdM experts. Our unique technology offers solutions no others can provide.


Many of our customers are 20 and 30 years partnerships. Our platforms, our services are designed for immediate impact and long term partnership.

Research & Development

Nearly 40% of revenue is directed to R&D to ensure we stay atop the technology curve and offer the most advanced technology the industry has to offer.

Industries we serve

PdM Partner