Choosing a PdM Partner

Buy Results, Not Promises

Choosing the right PdM partner makes all the difference

ITR Technology Tenets

  • Better Data equals better analysis
  • Better information leads to better analysis
  • People are the most important variable

Successful PdM processes elude many organizations. From planning work through taking action and managing information, each key process is critical to success. ITR works closely with its partners to ensure every PdM process is robust and avoids the most common reasons for underperformance or outright failure, which include:


  • Keeping pace with ever evolving technologies
  • Challenges regarding monitoring and analyzing complex assets
  • Ensuring adequate and competent human resources
  • Following through and verifying effectiveness of actions

The ITR Difference

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our predictive capabilities, especially on an organization’s most complex assets. We know that head-to-head evaluations against any other service provider or in-house programs will prove that ITR is the right solution.

 if you have no program, another provider or perform this work in house, ITR welcomes the chance to demonstrate how we can improve the program, lower costs and streamline the whole process.

Technology Partnerships

Regardless of plant size, geographical location or budget ITR has a service platform available for you.  For some organizations, a flexible or hybrid partnership makes the most sense. Our flexibility enables customers to utilize ITR’s resources as much or as little as needed. These options allow our customers to maintain a strong PdM process in the face of an ever changing business landscape that includes fluctuations in human resources, CMMS migrations, mergers and acquisitions, and keeping pace with continual enhancements in monitoring and analysis technologies.