About ITR





Experience VS Experiment

“ITR“ is short for Industrial Technology Research. Since its inception, the focus of the company was and continues to be the application of predictive maintenance technology to create the world’s most reliable industrial systems.

In the 1970’s, a core team of electrical and mechanical engineers developed the computerized vibration analysis (CVA) process while working for the research arm of one of the largest manufacturers in the world at the time. Prior to CVA, engineers were required to analyze vibration data in the field using traditional data acquisition equipment and software. The technology limited practitioners in their abilities to predict potential failure modes through the use of advanced analysis techniques. With CVA, practitioners could perform more comprehensive analysis either at the machine or from an off-site environment, dramatically improving the safety and overall effectiveness of the vibration analysis industry. Upon recognizing the commercial viability of CVA, the core team founded ITR.

Today, ITR is one of the foremost and largest independent predictive maintenance service organizations in the world.  ITR has service plans to fit any budget, any location or any production process imaginable.  With a presence in every region in North America and 25+ other countries around the world, there are no barriers to implementing a world class program.

The ITR Story

The condition monitoring and predictive maintenance industry is still very young by many standards. For obvious reasons, its growth over the past 40 years closely correlates with improvements in computational technologies.

As one of the original predictive maintenance companies in the world, ITR has also grown with the industry. We apply this experience everyday through our services and technologies. While many companies new to asset analytics and predictive maintenance experiment with predictive technologies, we know what works, what does not, and how best to tackle industry’s most complex assets.


Your sole source for automated PdM data and information management for improving asset lifecycles.


Unlike many competitors, ITR only provides hardware, software and services that are focused entirely on reliability and condition monitoring. We succeed based solely upon the value of the tools and information we provide to our customers to facilitate their preventive maintenance planning and work.

ITR remains committed to providing companies with the most advanced PdM technology and service available in the industry. Commercially available technology typically lags ITR advancements by several years, and ITR remains focused on the research and development required to stay ahead of the curve. By focusing on the process of converting data to information using advanced analytical techniques, ITR remains the PdM industry leader, helping companies establish and maintain world-class PdM and reliability processes.