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PdM Support Services

ITR’s core business is helping companies design, implement, and improve PdM processes through the use of predictive technologies. By applying an overall process and system approach, organizations ensure PdM activities are aligned with process objectives and limited resources are put to the best use.

Risk Assessments & Program Startups

ITR helps companies ensure all critical PdM process elements are implemented and common pitfalls are avoided.

Experience has shown effective PdM risk assessments, including aligning the right technologies with the right assets, is often the difference between success and failure.  Configuring measurement plans and establishing asset baseline data representative of varying operating conditions is foundational to any successful PdM Program.

This service typically includes:

  • Aligning assets and technologies
  • Analyzing risk and criticality
  • Planning data acquisition and analysis and building asset databases
  • Allocating maintenance and reliability resources
  • Taking preventive and corrective action
  • Verify and measuring effectiveness

Dedicated Sensor and System Design

Some assets are inaccessible or unsafe to measure during normal operating conditions.  Wired and wireless sensors and systems offers many advantages, disadvantage, and tradeoffs.  In industrial environments where precise, low voltage, high-speed data acquisition is necessary, knowing what works, where, and why can be the difference between success and wasted resources.  ITR engineers work with reliability and maintenance professionals to ensure implemented solutions are correct, appropriate, and economically justified.

Data and Information Integration Services

Modern and successful maintenance and reliability processes are no longer just about planning and completing preventive and corrective actions, they also include making data and information accessible as inputs to AI applications and other mission critical systems. ITR PdM data and information services include working with customers to understand particular needs, provisioning of APIs, and development of site-specific applications to accomplish these goals.

Advanced Condition Monitoring Studies

ITR engineers have been conducting and continually improving advanced condition monitoring studies for over 40 years. As technology continues to improve, new tools are verified, validated and applied to these studies. Measured parameters are often speed, vibration, temperature, pressure, strain, torque, and other process inputs available via process control systems.

Some routine studies include:

  • Operating deflection shape studies
  • Bode plot and critical speed identification
  • Modal and resonance studies
  • 3rd and 5th octave chatter studies
  • Large industrial vehicle commissioning
  • Commissioning new and repaired assets
  • Slow speed electro-mechanical studies
  • Remote wireless data acquisition
  • Baseline and acceptance testing