Condition Monitoring and PdM Solutions

Condition Monitoring and PdM Solutions

Predictive technologies underpin every PdM process. They do not guarantee success, but they can significantly help or hinder. Learn how ITR has helped organizations around the world improve their PdM processes by focusing on monitoring and analyzing complex assets and operations.


Reliability professionals are only as good as the tools in their toolbox. The ITR hardware and software platform focuses on rapid, comprehensive data acquisition and processing for complex assets.

Many PdM processes struggle to achieve intended results because the underlying technology is not designed to support large programs with limited resources. The ITR platform addresses these concerns with a proven, 30+ year track record.


ITR is full PdM service provider. Find out how we can help you fulfill your objectives through supporting your in-house program, managing your process for you, or designing a custom hybrid solution specific to your organization.