Dedicated Sensors

Dedicated Sensor Monitoring

Due to changes with MSHA and OSHA, many assets can no longer be measured via walk around programs.  To maintain these assets in the ongoing program,  ITR offers a dedicated  monitoring solution.

Dedicated monitoring consists of Basic and Smart monitoring is an otherwise known or referred to as online monitoring,

For assets that are inaccessible or not safe to measure during normal operating conditions, we have the solutions.  Your ITR Account Manager will work with you to implement cost-effective monitoring solutions appropriate to the operating conditions of each particular asset.

ITR’s 800 Series

The ITR 800 Series basic systems are custom solutions for temporary or permanent monitoring of critical assets.  These systems focus on monitoring key features related specifically to potential failure modes where complex data acquisition, signal conditioning, and time series trending drive specific maintenance actions and additional analysis is typically not required. 

Some examples of successful 800 Series implementations include:

  • Monitoring mill drive bearing and gear defects leading up to planned outages
  • Identifying root causes of industrial processing issues, and providing support for verifying effectiveness of other permanent monitoring installations

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