Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

PdM is the practice of acquiring meaningful and rich data at the right time and accurately analyzing that data to provide detailed actionable information.  As such, our partners have all the information necessary to better plan, prepare, and allocate resources and take action only when and where necessary.



Successful PdM processes follow the common PDCA cycle:

Predictive Maintenance Cycle
Asset Profiling

System configuration, component geometry, and process parameters are critical to effective asset condition monitoring. The more complex the asset, the more critical the asset profile. ITR engineers work closely with site maintenance and reliability engineers to develop complete asset profiles that enable not only predictive maintenance but also ongoing reliability engineering through global data analysis.

Feature Recognition

One outcome of asset profiling is identification of measure locations and relevant features. Features are calculated distinguishing characteristics of measure locations. For complex assets, sorting pertinent features from the irrelevant presents a difficult challenge. ITR engineers assist site engineers with making these distinctions through both years of experience and use of expert system technology.

Expert Systems

Collective complex asset analysis experience combined with advanced algorithm development capabilities results in proven expert systems for condition monitoring. Expert systems enable engineers to capture years of experience and apply this experience to data analysis and information reporting. ITR engineers use expert systems to validate feature recognition, analyze broader data sets, simplify monitoring strategies, and apply “like” asset comparison testing.

Human Intervention

Despite ongoing advancements in technology, complex asset data analysis still requires human intervention to assure effective condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. PdM experts fill the gaps. Since assets evolve over their life cycles and not all process variations can be predicted, humans are still (and will likely always be) the critical part of the process.

Making it Work

Real-world condition monitoring of complex assets requires a balance between algorithm development, expert system monitoring technologies, and human interaction. ITR engineers work with site reliability and maintenance professionals to find the right balance for each asset and overall PdM process.