Route Based Monitoring & Analysis

Portable Route Based Monitoring

ITR’s vibration and ultrasonic data collection unit (DCU) offers affordable, flexible and portable vibration monitoring specifically designed for high volume PdM programs in the harshest industrial environments. The ITR DCU is built on three decades of high frequency, precision, triaxial data acquisition technology.

ITR’s Route Based Solution

Portable (or route-based) condition monitoring remains the most prevalent method used by companies across industry. Advantages of portable monitoring include affordability and flexibility.

ITR provides portable vibration monitoring equipment specifically designed for high volume PdM programs in the harshest industrial environments. The newest ITR DCU is a 5-channel, touchscreen, windows-based, ruggedized computer built on three decades of triaxial data acquisition technology.

An ITR technician using the ITR DCU is capable of capturing high volume triaxial measurement data at any type of manufacturing facility. The ability to capture this data so efficiently allows an ITR vibration report to be issued within 2-3 business days of data collection. (Emergencies are handled before leaving site) Minimal turn-around time of reporting provides an opportunity to properly allocate resources and time.

ITR’s Route Based Solution is ideally suited for the following condition monitoring and analysis applications:

  • Complex, high-value, high risk assets with variable load and speed operating conditions
  • Where reliable connectivity and communications processes are essential
  • All ranges of operating speeds, but particularly for high-speed and very slow-speed equipment where ultrasonics and other advanced vibration analysis methods are beneficial (i.e. where traditional vibration analysis methods may be less effective)
  • Where continual data acquisition, processing, and assessment are necessary for identifying potential failure modes common to particular asset profiles
  • Where mill/plant inputs significantly improve analytics for discerning extreme variations in asset operating conditions
  • When the results of real-time data and information processing (feature data and information from the CMAS) are required by operators in pulpits/control rooms
  • Extremely harsh environments requiring industrial grade components

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