Wireless Monitoring

Dedicated Smart Monitoring

Wireless Monitoring

Due to customer demands, ITR developed a wireless vibration and temperature sensor.  This system is cloud based, easily configured, can set and send alerts to the maintenance team.  This is not a PdM tool, it is being marketed as an “alarm clock” to alert customers for further investigation.

Product Details

830 Wireless sensor network (WSN)


The ITR 830 WSN is a wireless, battery powered solution for tracking real time temperature and vibration on industrial equipment and providing early warnings for potential failure modes. The system is comprised of an Endpoint sensor assembly, a Coordinator, and a Repeater.  All installations require at least one Endpoint and one Coordinator, but a broad wireless sensor network can be configured using Repeaters to encompass an entire industrial complex.


Wireless communication to repeater/base station
• RF 2.4GHz
• Range: 200 ft restricted, 1000 ft unrestricted
• Internal antenna
• Addressable M.A.C. identification

Internal temperature sensor
• Measurement range: -40 to 85 C
• Resolution: 0.04 C
• Adjustable threshold set point and sampling interval

Internal single axis or triaxial Piezoelectric accelerometer
• Measurement: RMS Accel., RMS Velocity, Waveform
• Acceleration Range: ±25g • Acceleration Frequency Range: 2~4000Hz
• Acceleration Resolution: 0.04g pk • RMS Velocity Range: 362 inch/sec RMS
• RMS Velocity Frequency Range: 2 ~200Hz
• RMS Velocity Resolution: 0.043 in/sec RMS
• Maximum Time waveform samples: 139,200 • Resonant frequency: 20,000Hz
• Adjustable threshold set point and sampling rate

• -40 to 85 C ambient temperature
• IP 69k Seal

• 3.6 V Battery (onsite replaceable)


• Linux based computer with RF module

• RF 2.4GHz input from repeater/sensor
• Ethernet

• 5V AC adapter

• 0 to 70 C ambient temperature

• Customizable 4-20 mA output


Wireless communication to sensor & base station
• RF 2.4GHz
• Range: 200 ft restricted, 1000 ft unrestricted
• External antenna
• Addressable M.A.C. identification

• -40 to 85 C ambient temperature
• 5V AC adapter powered

• 5V AC adapter

Additional Monitoring and Analysis System Options


Our walk around DCU, a.k.a Data Collection unit, is available for purchase, long-term lease, or short-term lease.


For assets that are inaccessible or not safe to measure during normal operating conditions, we have the solution.


Dedicated monitoring solutions need careful planning to ensure resources are not wasted and PdM objectives are achieved.


Our wireless sensor network (WSN) is a battery powered solution for monitoring vibration and temperature when wired solutions are impossible.