Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

Wireless That Works

In the landscape of modern industrial operations, the integration of wireless monitoring represents a evolutionary step towards more efficient and effective predictive maintenance strategies.

When integrated into fully hybrid toolbox of predictive maintenance solutions, wireless monitoring offers unique advantages in capturing real-time data from diverse equipment and processes across the industrial spectrum through proactive asset management. The real-time data obtained through both wireless and hard wired sensors facilitates predictive analytics, allowing for the early detection of anomalies and potential equipment failures.

ITR’s Hybrid Solution

ITR’s wireless vibration and temperature sensor network (WSN) is cloud based, easily configured, and can set and send alerts to the maintenance team. This permanently installed solution performs continual monitoring and functions as an “alarm clock” to identity anomalies and notify maintenance professionals of potential and developing problems that require further analysis.  It is a “hybrid” solution in that it utilizes the latest AI and machine learning algorithms developed from ITR’s unique industrial data sets and is also integrated with ITR’s team of analysts each averaging more than 20 years of experience.  This battery powered, wireless solution includes a user friendly, configurable web portal for managing the system and monitoring asset performance.

The WSN is part of the ITR toolbox and is part of a suite of condition monitoring and analysis solutions rooted in 40+ years of unrivaled expertise successfully analyzing complex asset data drawn from the harshest industries throughout the world.  ITR’s toolbox empowers maintenance teams to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and refine predictive algorithms, thereby continually improving the accuracy and effectiveness of predictive maintenance strategies and  leading to significantly reducing unplanned downtime, optimizing maintenance schedules, and prolonging asset lifespans.

ITR WSN are ideally suitable for the following condition monitoring and analysis applications:

  • High-value, high to moderate-risk assets with relatively consistent operating conditions
  • Where power and communication cabling is challenging due to facility layout or electrical noise constraints
  • Moderate to high operating speeds, but particularly where equipment runs at constant or consistent speeds
  • Where periodic feature monitoring and anomaly detection is sufficient for identifying potential failure modes common to particular asset profiles
  • Where periodic access to assets is available (e.g. to change batteries once every year to several years)
  • When internet connectivity and off-premise data storage is preferred over use of local plant resources
  • Extremely harsh environments requiring industrial grade components

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