Designed to improve any organization’s PdM processes


Data and Information Integration: ITR designs, develops, and provides applications for improving any organizations PdM processes. These applications are provided as part of the partnership and continually improved through everyday worldwide use. ITR applications are designed to integrate seamlessly into a clients existing CMMS.  The following are ITR PdM applications commonly used by our partners:


Graphics is a waveform analytics tool designed specifically for enabling experienced engineers to analyze and trend data generated by complex assets over time. This tool is designed to provide human experts with mathematical and statistical tools for handling large data sets without compromising attention to details. Graphics is a Windows-based application distributed as a remote application to ITR partners in three different tiers: Basic, Advanced, Expert.


Perceptum is an expert system integral to ITR smart dedicated monitoring systems. System modules include feature test definitions, learning and analysis modes, feature and pattern recognition, exception notification services, and communication protocols. Perceptum is the only expert system designed specifically for ongoing expert human interaction for online continuous monitoring throughout an asset’s entire lifecycle.


Stabilis is a multi-plane balancing package designed for use with ITR portable monitoring equipment. Stabilis has evolved over years of field tested use on many different types of industrial equipment and is designed specifically to enable ITR customers and partners to perform in-house balancing work.


DataManager is a web-based PdM computerized maintenance management system. Users build asset profiles based on industry accepted standards, manage PdM reporting, monitor PdM process performance, and analyze overall reliability data. DataManager serves as the single portal for users to correlate asset management information across predictive and monitoring technologies. ITR takes responsibility for uploading and maintaining all of the data underpinning DataManager.

Data and Information Integration

Disparate data sources can lead to repetition, inefficiency, and inaccessibility. ITR works with customers and partners around the world to develop data exchange applications (and processes) for coordinating maintenance and reliability efforts. Common examples include waveform data standard conversions, custom HMI and communication protocols, and CMMS data exchange modules. 

Additional Monitoring and Analysis System Options


For assets that are inaccessible or not safe to measure during normal operating conditions, we have the solutions. Our Basic Dedicated and Smart Dedicated monitoring systems.


Our route based (walk around) DCU, a.k.a Data Collection unit, is available for purchase, long-term lease, or short-term lease.


Our wireless sensor network (WSN) is a battery powered solution for monitoring vibration and temperature when wired solutions are impossible.


Dedicated monitoring solutions need careful planning to ensure resources are not wasted and PdM objectives are achieved.